How to Choose a Lawn Mower

Choosing the right mower for your lawn can be a difficult decision. There are plenty of models out there with wide variety of functions and a very broad price range. This guide will help you on how to choose a lawn mower for your garden so you can be sure that you make the best decision.

how to choose a lawn mower

Choosing a Lawn Mower by Lawn Size

The size of your lawn will be the first and probably the most important factor when choosing a lawn mower.

For small sized lawns (up to around 1,000 sqft) a manual or an electric mower could be a good choice. These are cheaper in price, have low maintenance costs and lightweight. If you go for an electric mower, make sure you can connect it to a power supply. Should this be a problem, a battery operated cordless lawn mower is still a great option. for such size of lawn you don’t need to worry about battery life either, so you might consider cheaper models. In terms of cutting width, a 14-17″ mower could be a good choice, so you can also save some storage place.

For medium sized lawns (up to around 3,000 sqft) we would recommend the cordless electric lawn mowers. They are quiet, lightweight and easy to store. Most importantly you don’t need to worry about electric cords. If you don’t mind the noise and the slightly higher maintenance costs, instead you want to go for the maximum cutting power, you might also consider a gas push mower. A lawn mower with a 17-20″ cutting width would be ideal for a medium sized garden.

For large sized lawns (above 3,000 sqft) a cordless electric mower can still be an option, but keep in mind that the battery life has its limits and depending on the model they generally can’t be used for over 45 minutes. If your lawn needs more time to be mowed, you should rather chose a gas push, or a gas self-propelled mower. In order to save time, you might want to go for a model with a wider (over 20″) cutting width.


lawn mower buying guide

Choosing a Lawn Mower by Cutting Type

Rotary Lawn Mowers

These are the most frequent type of mowers. They have blade(s) that rotate horizontally in the chosen cutting height. Both electric and gas powered models can work based on such method. They can also deal with longer grass if you don’t cut on a regular basis. For a regular family garden they would probably be the best choice.

Cylinder Lawn Mowers

These models have a series of blades at the front side of the mower which rotate against a fixed blade at the bottom. You can make really fine and short cuts with such mowers. You might want to chose a cylinder lawn mower if you want a nice, ornamental style garden. At the same time they are not the best option if you regularly keep your grass to grow longer.

Hover Lawn Mowers

These are actually a type of rotary mowers that hover just above the grass. They are easy to maneuver, therefore might be a good option if you have a lawn with a lot of curved edges.

how to pick a lawn mower

                        Lawn mowing in action 🙂

Push or Self-Propelled Mowers

Push lawn mowers (as the name suggests) need to be pushed to move forward. If you have a small or medium sized lawn and especially if you chose an electric model, this is usually not a problem. Nevertheless if you have a yard which is larger than 1/3 acres or the terrain is hilly, you might consider a self-propelled one as your power is mainly only needed to control their direction.

There are 3 types of self-propelled mowers you can chose from:

  • Front wheel drive – These are more suitable for flat terrains
  • Rear wheel drive for more hilly terrains
  • All wheel drive for more problematic, bumpy terrains.

Handling the Grass Clippings

  • Side discharge – This is the most basic option. Here the mower simply directs the clippings back to the lawn. Especially if you are mowing a longer grass, you might need to rake up them up afterwards.
  • Bagging – This is a very useful function not just because you don’t need to rake up the clippings afterwards, but also because this way you can avoid weed seeds to be spread during the mowing. Also it can be used for cleaning up leaves during the fall.
  • Mulching – During mulching small blades cut the grass clippings to even smaller peaces which afterwards will be spread on the lawn. As the mulch decomposes, it adds nutrients back to the lawn and also improve the soil quality and structure.
  • 3-in-1 – Many movers comes with a 3-in-1 feature which allows you to chose any function of the above based on your current needs


We trust that after reading this article you became more clear about which mower type is the right choice for you. Gadgets4Gardens offer you a lot of various reviews on specific lawn mower models therefore do not hesitate to read them through which might further help your choice: