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Winter is already here and it’s still going to stay with us for a while. We all prefer white Christmas and it is always nicer to walk in the fresh snow rather than in mud. At the same time shoveling your driveway might not be your most preferred winter activity. Fortunately for a few extra bucks you can change your regular snow shovel to a handy power shovel.

These gadgets come with many different name as well, like electric snow shovel, electric snow thrower etc., but their function is the same: they save you energy in time in snow shoveling. Please note though that although these products are great to be used for getting rid off snow up to about 5-6″, when you regularly need to deal with deeper snow, you should rather invest in a snow blower instead. You can also find a review on our site about the best electric snow blowers.

One handy advice: Do not use electric snow shovels in heavy wind, otherwise the snow it throws might be blown back straight to your face! Although by this you might give some happy moments to your neighbors 🙂

In the followings we will review the best power shovels of the 2016-2017 winter season. Let’s get rid off some snow!

power shovel

GreenWorks 2600802 8 Amp 12-Inch Corded Power Shovel

GreenWorks 2600802 review

The GreenWorks 2600802 model is a corded power shovel. It can be used to clear snow up to 6″ in a 12″ width at once. You can operate it on many various surfaces like driveways, patios, wooden decks etc. It only weights 14 lbs therefore it is really easy to carry around. The lower handle on the shaft is adjustable for the most comfortable position.

Please note that this product does not come with a cord, therefore you should also buy a proper outdoor cable in order to operate it.

GreenWorks 260002 8Amp



Snow Joe 323E 13-Inch 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel

Snow Joe 323E Review

Snow Joe (as the name suggests) is a brand specialized in snow. The 323E model is a corded electric power shovel that can clean up to 6″ deep snow in a 13″ wide area (1″ wider than the GreenWorks 2600802).

It has a 10 Amp motor which can move up to 400 lbs snow per minute, throwing the snow around 25 feet away. It weights only 13.8 lbs so once again we have a very light tool here. Also don’t forget to order a proper outdoor electric cord unless you already have one!

buy snow joe 323E

GreenWorks Pro 2600602 80V 12-Inch Cordless Snow Shovel

GreenWorks Pro 2600602 Review

You don’t want to mess with electric cables in the snow? You need a battery powered electric snow shovel! The GreenWorks Pro 2600602 is the cordless version of the above reviewed 2600802 model. The 80V 2Ah battery lasts for around 40-45 minutes when fully charged and can be recharged within 30 minutes. The good thing is that if you have other GreenWorks products at home that are also powered with 80V battery, the battery can be used for all these tools, therefore you can save money by ordering a model excluding battery.

Battery operated tools are always a bit heavier due to the battery itself than the corded models. Nevertheless the GreenWorks Pro 2600602 only weights 1 lb more than the 2600802 power shovel (all together 15 lbs).

Buy GreenWorks Pro 2600602



Are you sure that the electric snow shovels are the best choice for you? Please also check out our buying guide on snow removal machines.

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