AeroGarden comparison

Which AeroGarden Product Should I Choose?

AeroGarden comparison

In a previous post we have presented the AeroGarden Bounty in a detailed review. That is one of the top models of the AeroGarden indoor garden system range, but depending on your needs you might need to choose a different model. In the following buying guide we will compare the most popular models of the brand. We hope that our review will help you to choose the most suitable product for your needs.

The AeroGarden Product Range

In the following review we are going to compare the following models from the AeroGarden product range:

Things to Consider

You should consider a couple of things before choosing the best AeroGarden product for your needs. These are the followings:

  • Type of plants you wish to grow
  • Number of plants you wish to grow at the same time
  • Available space to place the product
  • Extra gadgets you wish to have

Type of Plants

Grow basil in AeroGarden

Let’s start with the type of plants you wish to grow. All AeroGarden products are hydroponic indoor garden system with high quality LED lights. This itself will not limit the type of plants you can grow. The limitations can come from two factors: the depth of root and the height of the plant.

Regarding the root, basically you can forget about any type of vegetables that grows under the ground (e.g. carrot, beetroot etc.). What you can do is to sprout these in the system. However, you need to plant them outdoors shortly after sprouting.

In terms of the plant height, you have to decide whether you wish to grow any higher plants that grow above 12″. There are tons of varieties even within the same type of plant, therefore you need to do your own research here. As a rule of thumb, most herbs would be fine below 12″, but if you want to grow cherry tomatoes, you need higher space.

The height is important, because the AeroGarden Classic 6 model can be extended only up to 12″, while the other reviewed models can be as high as 24″.

Number of Plants

Each model has a maximum pod capacity that you need to keep in mind. In the Classic 6 you can grow (surprise, surprise) 6 plants, the AeroGarden Extra and Ultra models have a capacity of 7, while in the Bounty you can grow 9 plants at the same time.

Does it mean that you should always go for the Bounty in case you want to grow a larger amount? Not necessarily. If you only wish to grow smaller plants below 12″ and the capacity is the only factor you wish to consider, you might be better off buying two Classic 6 models. Generally the price of the Bounty is over double of the Classic 6, therefore this way you won’t only be better off financially, but also you will have a capacity of 12 pods instead of 9! However, please always check the most up to date offer from Amazon as they can have some great promotion on the specific models. In the bottom of this page you will always find the current price.

In case you chose to order two Classic 6 models, also consider whether you have sufficient place to put the products. The size of one product is 16″ W x 11″ D x 15″-21″ H. Also this way you make a compromise on the wattage of the LED lights (20W vs 45W).

buy AeroGarden 6

Extra Options

This is where the biggest price difference between the models comes from. Basically all models are equipped with a control panel that automatically turns lights on and off, furthermore reminds you when to add water and nutrients. Below we provide an overview on which model gives what kind of extra option for the money. We are considering the Classic 6 model as the baseline.

The AeroGarden Extra has one more pod capacity. On its control panel you can adjust the pump settings to optimize the oxygen level of the water for the germination phase and change it  when your plants are in the rapid growth phase. It has 30 Watt LED lights (vs 20W of the Classic 6 model) which provide better growth and higher yield.

The AeroGarden Ultra has the same pod capacity like the AeroGarden Extra. They also have the same type of LED lights. The main difference is in the control panel. The control panel of the Ultra model allows you to fully customize the whole indoor garden system. You can adjust the lights, the pump, the nutrient reminders, the alert settings etc. We recommend this model for more experienced gardeners or for people who wish to use the product for a particular type of plant with special needs.

The AeroGarden Bounty has the biggest pod capacity of 9 and comes with the most powerful, 45W LED lights. The functions of the control panel are mainly the same as the Ultra model has. The main difference is the touch screen, which also provides some useful gardening tips. In case you really want to have the luxury model, AeroGarden also sells this model in a stainless steel version (Bounty Elite) and one with WiFi access.


We hope the above buying guide helped you to chose the best AeroGarden indoor hydroponic gardening system for your needs. Please check out the most up to date prices below. By clicking on the images you can also order the product directly from Amazon.

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